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Mini Humidifier | Portable Cool Mist LED Night Light

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Introducing our Portable Mini Humidifier, perfect for enhancing comfort in any setting, whether it's your office, yoga studio, car, bedroom, or during travel. Its compact design and USB power supply make it incredibly versatile, ensuring you can enjoy moisture wherever you go.

Experience serene tranquility with its quiet ultrasonic operation, emitting noise levels below 26dB, ensuring you can sleep soundly in a comfortable environment without disturbance.

Choose from two spray modes to suit your preference: continuous spray or intermittent spray for up to 6 hours. With its built-in water level sensor, rest assured it automatically powers off when water levels dip too low, preventing any risk of dry burning.

Not just practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, our cool mist humidifier features a vivid colorful light setting, creating a peaceful ambiance while delivering the moisture you need.

Key features include its quiet operation, large capacity to prevent dry burning, automatic power-off protection, and its small, lightweight, and exquisite design for easy portability.


  • Material: Plastic + Electronic Components
  • Size: 70 x 70 x 95mm
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: 3.5W
  • Spray Volume: 40ml/h
  • Working Current: 400mA
  • Water Tank Capacity: 220ml
  • Use Time: 5-10 hours
  • Power Supply: USB
  • Applicable Area: 10-20 square meters
  • Noise Level: Less than 36dB
  • Color Options: White, Green, Pink

Transform your space into a haven of comfort with our Portable Mini Humidifier. Choose your color and enjoy the benefits of moisture wherever you are.

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